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February Newsletter

February 2024

This month:

  • MidwYnters

  • From the President

  • From the Nationals Regatta Chair

  • First Beacon Y Pictures

  • Evolution Sails

  • The Sailor’s Tailor

  • 2024 Regatta Schedule

  • Officer contact list for 2024


2024 MidwYnter Registration is now open!

2024 Y-Flyer Midwinters Championship Regatta

The 2024 Y-Flyer Midwinters Championship Regatta will be held March 16 – 17. The Atlanta Yacht Club and Y-Flyer Fleet #1 are thrilled to welcome everyone back to Acworth, Georgia on beautiful Allatoona Lake We hope everyone comes to sail in this prestigious event and the annual 2024 sailing season kickoff.

Both a gold and blue fleet will sail competing for silver. The regatta will award 1st – 9th place in the gold fleet and 1st – 3rd place in the blue fleet. The top placing female skipper will take home the Viking Trophy and the Merrill Callen award will go to highest placing gold fleet skipper who did not finish in the first through ninth positions and is at least 50 years of age. The top placing junior will be awarded the Noah Benton Memorial Award.

Registration is open and can be accessed on the AYC website at 2024 Y-Flyer Midwinter Championship ( You can pay your regatta fees now via Zelle ( or Venmo (@Nile-Hatcher), or pay at registration via Zelle, Venmo, cash or check.

Short sleeved, long sleeved, and sweatshirts are available for purchase when you register, however, to guarantee your size and style, you must preorder before Wednesday, February 28 at midnight. As we have done in years past, we will order a few extra, but those have a tendency to go quickly, so do not get left bare chested, order your shirts early.   

All meals for both skipper and crew are included in the registration fee. Additional meals can be purchased at registration.

Hotels are nearby and camping is always an option at AYC. Cabins will be available on a first come, first served basis. If you need a cabin, let Amanda Hodges know as she has graciously offered to be the cabin director for the weekend.

We hope you make plans to join us, as it is always a blast to see everyone at the home of Y-Flyer Fleet #1.

Questions? Let me know and we will do our best to get you an answer.


Nile and Lavon Hatcher


It’s time to renew or join the class!

First year Active Membership is free for boat owners (contact Paul White)


7349 Scarborough Blvd E Dr
Indianapolis, IN 4626-2052


Active                    $40

Associate              $25

Junior                    $20

Crew                      $15


Please send a check to the above address.

Include Name, Address, cell, email


Membership may be paid via PayPal using Y Class website under Membership




Letter from the President :                   Amanda Smith Hodges


February, and winter is upon us. Down here in middle Georgia we have already gotten lows in the low 20s and highs in the low 30s. So is anything happening with the Y right now? PLENTY. Alex Venegas at Beacon Composites is busy popping out molded pieces and fitting together Carlin and I’s boats. While he is honing his Y Flyer building skills Carlin, and I are getting ready to welcome two more Y Flyers to the Hodges Fleet. To make things easy on Alex at the beginning, we are fitting out these first two boats ourselves and having Beacon Composites just build the hulls for us. So, Carlin is busy customizing two trailers, ordering parts we don’t already have, ordering boat covers and making lists of line lengths, blocks, shackles and pins to get these boats on the water as soon as possible. It’s just like preparing for the delivery of your baby as you get closer to the due date.

Speaking of deliveries….. Our son, Clint Y 2754, and daughter-in-law, Rae, just had a baby boy on Monday, January 21, 2024, at 5:14 PM weighing in at 7.76 lbs and 20.5 inches long. Another crew for Granddaddy and Grandmama! Another 5th generation Y sailor to join our wonderful family of Y sailors. We hope Emmett Matus Hodges comes by the Mid Winters to check out his future competition.


When you read this newsletter, I hope that the new website is up and running. We now have some web savvy sailors helping to finish the basic format to go live soon. Yes, it’ll have to be tweaked and modified, but I am excited that this project to put out Y web page version 1.0 will soon finished.


The Nationals at Carlyle is in 5 months. Get planning and preparing. Carlyle Lake is a fabulous lake to sail on and the corn fields surrounding it offer no wind resistance. Great “prairie breeze”. Hazlet Park, which is right next to the club on the lake, has fantastic camping facilities.


Internationals are soon after Nationals (three weeks later) so don’t unpack your boat after Nationals. Just leave it ready to hit the road and come over East to Saratoga Lake and sail on what I hear is a beautiful lake with a gorgeous, historic clubhouse. Canada is getting excited about not traveling daayss to get to the Internats. Perhaps we can have the second Intergalactic Y Flyer volleyball Championship between races?


Take this winter opportunity to check your rig for bent up ring-dings, missing pins, frayed shrouds, loose cleat jams or scuffed hulls, rudders and boards. Get replacing, repairing and polishing to be ready for the 2024 sailing season at your club and around the circuit. No excuses. Just do it! See you at Mid Winters at Atlanta Yacht Club in March.

Your sailing Siren,

Amanda Hodges

Y 2660 & Y 2813


Letter from Nationals Regatta Committee Chairman:

Rick Bernstein

Greetings Fellow Y-Flyer Sailors,                                               


Along with your organizing committee, Carlyle Sailing Association is excited to have the Y-Flyer Nationals back at CSA this coming June 24-28. I’m reminded this is the 50th Anniversary of CSA’s first Y Nationals way back to 1974. It was soon after this event that I started sailing with Greg Kleffner in regattas from the Midwest to the Southeast to Canada. I have such fond memories of those times and the great people I met along the way; many of which have come out of the woodwork to discuss little Ricky Bernstein is now running a Nationals for the Y Class.

We’re in the midst of gathering sponsors for the event and we’re excited to introduce Urban Chestnut Brewery to you. Those who attended the Whale-of-a-Sail last September had their first taste of this fine brewery. They are back on board for the Nationals and we’re so excited to have them. I’d also like to announce Greg Fisher and Evolution Sails will be sponsoring the welcome party the night before racing begins on the 26th. Greg is one of our sports best-of-the-best and is a superhumanbeing;  I’m doing all I can to make sure he attends too.

Now to the business at hand - By the time you’re reading this, the on-line registration will be live, and it awaits you. As many of you know, the on-line registration process has become easier and easier over the years and it’s super safe. Some of you may be familiar with Clubspot, the up-and-coming provider of sailing and racing websites, events, and data management for sailing. Through the link below, you can register and pay via CC or electronic transfer. You’ll also be able to buy additional lunch and dinners, and of course the must have regatta T-shirts that’s going to have a spectacular design commemorating CSA’s 50th anniversary.


Here is the link to register for Junior and Senior Y-Flyer Nationals:


Have a great rest of the Winter and we so look forward to seeing all of you in June.


Rick Bernstein, Regatta Chairman,


Letter From the Editor:

Terry Fraser

You may have read in our previous issue that Ferne Gully lost his boat.  He’s still searching.  He should be back with us in next month’s edition of The Flyer. 


Also, next month, I’d like to publish fleet reports from around the US and Canada.  I invite fleet leaders to send in a report about their fleet activities to


Support our sponsors because they support the Y-Flyer class.


Lastly, Sudbury Yacht Club is meeting to see if they will be hosting their regattas this year and they will notify us as soon as their decision is made.  The Noah B Memorial Regatta date is also in the works and we should hear sometime before the next edition of The Flyer.


Friends of the Class


From The Archives:

Who's the Man?- Feb 1999

25 Years Ago: Jan-Feb 1999

by Rachel Daugherty (at age 14)

Something you can bet to hear whenever Drew (Daugherty) and Supercrew Clif (Causey) are out on the water together is the following dialogue:

Drew: Clif, you The Man!

Clif: No Drew, you The Man!

Drew: No Clif, you 're The Man!

No Drew, you the Man!

Then Drew, being the peacemaker he is, will usually come to the following compromise:

Drew: Okay, okay, Clif, you're right, I am The Man.... But you're The Man too.

This has always been sort of an ongoing joke in the Y fleet until one windless day, bobbing up and down on the lake, I actually hear them say it!!!

The fiction became reality!!! They were going back and forth about being The Man! I got to thinking. Who is The Man? What exactly does this title mean? Can anybody be The Man? What does it take?

This became more prevalent at the Beer and Boats Regatta, which I attended late last August along with some fellow Y sailors. Just about everybody got to be The Man that weekend for one reason or another. Through this I began to understand the depth and context of what it means to actually be The Man; it helped me to define a few guidelines.

Guidelines (as far as I can figure):

■ You have to do something totally incredible and aweworthy.

■ Drew and Clif both must recognize this; if they don't, anybody that calls you The Man is doing so in an unauthorized fashion. You can be The Man but not The Man. However, if they don't recognize your title, it may be overruled by popular vote of any who have witnessed the action and you can still be The Man.

■ You can be The Man for one minute, and not be it the next (fame is fleeting) unless you are as cool as to have a permanent Man title.

■ If you feel others have neglected to recognize you as The Man and haven't even mentioned the thought, you can either a) make up some great sounding story that'll make you a shoo-in, or b) present an appeal to your peers.

■ Once you are undoubtedly titled The Man, you are guaranteed 3 minutes during which you may hold court and everybody has to act like they're listening. These are still fairly vague, so I got to thinking again (which is really quite dangerous) and thought "wait a minute, this is the '90's, no liberated chick is gonna want to be The Man: I wouldn't want to be The Man..." Besides, who wants to go through that undefined rigmarole? Hmm, we needed a title with all the honor and prestige of The Man but with clearer guidelines and a more defined pathway to get there.

So, Sherri Jo Guise came up with the perfect solution…be The Woman!!! Who knows? Maybe you could be The Woman. (Applications will be available soon.)

So, let Drew and Clif be The Man, I'm gonna be The Woman!!! Which brings me to my final conclusion:  Sherri Jo, you The Woman!!!  No, no, no, you really are The Woman!  What's that?  Oh, okay, I am The Woman, but you can be The Woman too.


From The Archive:

Fleet Reports - Feb 1974

Fleet 13: Bloomington YC- There are now 5 Y's on the lake with 3 racing and very active. The Y's race handicap using Portsmouth numbers and Loy Jones (Y-1352) won the Spring Series and was second in the Fall Series.

Fleet 21: Charlotte- Bill Hampton won the 1973 Fleet Series with Merrill Callen, second, and Jack McNeary, third. Bill Hampton is the 1974 Fleet Captain and Bill Fuller is the new Sec./Treas.

Fleet 22: St. Louis- The Governor's Cup held on Alton Lake (Mississippi River) was won by Lee Douglas, followed by Chuck Anderson, John Brown, Judy Barnett, and Dave Miller.  Fleet 22 won the St. Louis Inter-Fleet Trophy for this regatta. Fleet 31: Montgomery- The 1973 Summer Series of the Dixie Sailing Club Y-Flyer Fleet was won by Frank Brady with Dave Ramsey, second. They were followed by Jim Ballantyne, Craig Speck, Lister Hill, Henry North, Bob Boggan, Wayne Collett, Robert Smith, Joe Reese, and Joe Loftin. Lister Hill is Club Secretary.

Fleet 56: Carlyle SC- Art Ashcroft is Fleet 56 Champion for the second year in a row. 1 point behind in second place was Ken Schaefer. They were followed by Judy Barnett, 4 Dave Shearlock, Gail Knappenberger, Tom Barnett, Bob Arnzen, Al Grad, Paul Donley, and Bob Cox. In the Summer Series, Dave Shearlock was first, followed by Art Ashcroft, Gail Knappenberger, Judy Barnett, John Stanfield, Ev Menendez, Bob Stephens, Paul Donley, Bob Arnzen, John Duemler, Al Grad, Ken Schaefer, Tom Barnett, and Bob Cox. The Fall Series was won by Ken Schaefer, followed by Art Ashcroft, Judy Barnett, Tom Barnett, Bob Cox, Bob Arnzen, Al Grad, Ev Menendez, and Paul Donley. Judy Barnett won the Carlyle SC Powder Puff Regatta for the 3rd or 4th time in a row. Fleet 56 won the St. Louis Inter-Fleet Championship for wins in 3 of the 5 possible regattas.

Fleet 57: Portland- New officers for 1974 are Fleet Captain-Dick Wilding, Secretary-Esta Sherwood, Treasurer-Bruce Newgard, Fleet Measurer-Mal McMinn. Historians are Gwen Hanseller and Judy Hoffman. Leo Banasky is the 1973 Fleet Champion. Art Hanseller won the Vancouver Lake SC Fall Regatta.

Fleet 59: Lake St. Louis- John Brown is the first winner of the Planar Cup, a traveling . trophy, awarded to the St. Louis Y-Flyer Champion. Criteria for the Cup are 1) only the races sailed under the Inter-Fleet Championship may be counted; 2) 50% of the races are counted; 3) the regatta scoring is used; and 4) positions and points are adjusted to include only St. Louis fleet boats.


From The Archive:

The Turner Y-Flyer now in Production - 1974

Remember when the Turners started making boats!

THE TURNER Y-FLYER now in production

From the Kansas City Fiberglass Molds with their perfect lines & beautiful deck and cockpit layout!!

We offer optional color interior as well as exterior 2-tone customizing to reflect your personal taste.

Hull construction techniques produce a durable boat of unusual stiffness & light-weight for that competitive edge!!!


                Charlie or Chet Turner R. R. 1 Neoga, Illinois 62447


Y-Flyer Contacts

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