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January 2023 | Issue #31

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Christmas has come and gone, and, yes, my favorite gift giving was sailing gear. I gave spray tops, life jackets, gloves, sailing leggings, and sailing T-shirts. All the best. Although it was 27 degrees in Middle Georgia on Christmas morning, I was anticipating the wonderful sailing we would be doing in just a few short months. The Midwinters can’t come fast enough for me.

Check the class web page and the Facebook page on upcoming dates of importance. It’s time to mark your calendar and reserve sailing time for you and your family. In today’s world, if it’s not scheduled, it doesn’t happen. To try to keep up with it all I have a kitchen calendar, Google calendar and good ‘ole fashioned Day Timer to mark down in triplicate and keep me confused. Not any more organized, but somehow, I feel better. Now if I’d just train myself to look at these calendars......

Midwinters is March 17-19 at Atlanta Yacht Club. The Hatchers are, again, organizing a weekend of competitive racing, fantastic meals, and ample socializing to start the 2023 racing season. If you haven’t sent in your dues to Paul White by now, there is plenty of time to do so AND you can pay at the event. If you are willing to make the trip, AYC will deliver a fun weekend. Break in those Christmas gifts.

Your Sailing Sovereign,

Amanda Smith Hodges

Y 2660

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