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Letter from the President

As I get ready for the holidays and reflect on the meaning of this time of year, I think of

closing outthe year 2023, celebrating new things to come in 2024, promises being fulfilled with baby Jesus being born, reminiscing (wow! I spelled that right) about all that has occurred, and making New Year’s Resolutions that are within my reach. I then realized that we, as a class, can reflect on our year right now in a similar way.........Our year closes out in October after the Beers Memorial Regatta. But rather than the Beers being the closing regatta of the season, we in the Southeast have the Midlands Regatta in Columbia, SC the first weekend in November as the last regional regatta on our sailing calendar. We have completed, from what I can tell, 18 regattas around the country for Y Flyers. Each that I have been able to attend has been loaded with great competition on the water and warm, family friendship off the water. Paul White has kept us financially stable and works tirelessly to keep me and the board on the charted course.I am VERY excited about the new thing(s) to come in 2024 and promises filled. Y 2813 is gestating/laminating as we speak and I sure hope this baby does not take 9 months to be delivered. After my boat is made, Carlin’s will be in line and I hear there is to be a third right after that. As Will Parker said in the movie ‘Wind’, “It’s HAPPENING!” The promise of a boat builder is the now a reality.

Thanks to everyone who helped in the search, but mostly Doug Kinzer for heading the project and being our technical advisor to Alex Venegas at Beacon Composites.And in the New Year we look forward to the Nationals at Carlyle and Internationals at Saratoga! Nationals in June and Internationals in July.

I reminisce about the re-birth and growth of Augusta Sailing Club and the fabulous job Ed Durant has done in growing the fleet and putting on what will be remembered as one of the best Nationals ever. Nationals 2023 had wind, water, wine, and oooh that masseuse. What a week that was. Our attendance was up at most regattas in general. Thank you to the McCrays for helping Ned keep the Charleston area informed and encouraging involvement. And it’s good to see junior sailing seems to be coming back in the Southeast.

And as far as New Year Resolutions go, we are really close to getting a new class website up and running. Development is 80% complete and we hope to find a webmaster to maintain the site soon. I have been exposed to so much about web design and all the work that goes into those sites we mindlessly click through. Web design is for the new generation, not me. Talk medical terminology – I’m in. But hosting, backlink, 404, DNS, nesting....... All Greek to me. But when it is up and running, we should be rid of the crashes of the past.

The Sailing Siren, Amanda Hodges, Y 2660/2813

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